Surya Batteries is an ISO 9001 : 2015 certified company involved in manufacturing Lead Acid Batteries more than a decade for various applications such as Automotives MF (Maintenance Free Batteries) / Inverters and UPS / Solar / Traction etc., It is a part of Balaji Rubber Industries involved in Reclaimed Rubber business at global level. Its motto is to offer the customers with Class products and services using pioneer technology and amenities.

Surya Batteries maintains its Production, Research & development and quality control activities using well equipped laboratories by testing the quality, performance and service life of the raw materials used. These laboratories are also used to provide vital information to its engineers and chemists in formulating advanced designs and process modulations to fully support the customer application needs.

The batteries manufactured by Surya Batteries meet various customer needs like Deep cycle abilities irrespective of depth of discharge and leakage of current. Special grid alloy is used to regulate gassing and water loss, negligible corrosion, better performance on sluggish weather conditions and very low internal resistance. The state of art technology 'Heat Seal' in Polypropylene containers are used in the production line to ensure the quality of the products. Its Heat-sealed batteries are seal proof, leak proof and designed for better cranking and to withstand severe vibrations.

Surya Batteries product range widely covers Automotive batteries from 12V 32AH to 12V 200AH at 20 Hr ratein Polypropylene Tubular batteries with Tubular plates and special separators ranging from 12V 20 AH to 12V 180 AH at 10 Hr rate. Traction batteries are exclusively designed and manufactured as per customer specifications and rated at 5 Hr.

Apart from all these, it ensures prompt after sales service through the established dealership network in south India. The company is intending to appoint dealers for unrepresented areas also.